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Just got my ‘Crossfit email of the day’, since I’m subscribed to receive their emails. They are holding a fundraiser for all affiliates affected by COVID-19.  Its pretty awesome.  3 weeks, 3 workouts, with the 1st workout being released Friday. These workouts require little to no equipment and are for ANY ability level…. it’s free to register OR you can donate any amount and give to an affiliate that YOU specify.  For the record, Crossfit of Fremont is an affiliate.  😁. For anyone who signs up, I’ll host a zoom session (or a few) on the Saturdays, any time we can get everyone available and we will do the workouts together.  To register, HERE IS THE LINK.

You might have to set up an account, if you don’t have one, but it’s a super easy process from there. Grab your family or roommates and let’s get a bunch of people involved 🙌🏻  I just registered and made my donation to start us off.

Thursday April 2nd

Run 1 Mile
5:00 Wall Sit
5:00 Handstand Hold Run 1 Mile
Push both runs hard!
4 Sets
30 Top Half V-Up Rest 1:00
– Shorten the run distance to 1,200 or 800m
– Reduce wall sit and/or handstand hold time (2-3 minutes)
– Substitute plank for handstand hold