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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Time to WURK this food off!!  Remember tomorrow is open workout.
10am to 12pm
5pm to 7pm
*remember to arrive with plenty of time for the warm up, workout AND cleanup.
Friday November 27th

“Flex Friday”

5min. of Max Cals on the Assault Bike

5min. of Max Flat DB Bench Press

5min. of Max Kipping or Strict Pull-Ups

5min. of Max DB Lateral Raises

5min. of Max Russian KB Swings 70/53

5min. of Max Double Unders


The goal is pick a weight you can do between 10-15 reps with on the first set, and then rest about 10-15sec. and keep chipping away with sets of 6-8 reps. This meant to be more of a bodybuilding/durability day. Good quality reps, a little pump, topped off with a decent amount of sweat. Days like today are crucial for long term sustainability so have fun, get those reps in, and look forward to being sore the next day 😉

ADVANCED option:
*Swap the pull-ups out for muscle ups