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Hey all,
if you haven’t had a chance to watch Joewel’s video, make sure you check it out. He explains the new design and what it means.

also, be on the lookout for the Thanksgiving schedule.  I’ll post it soon!!

Thursday November 18th
3 Supersets:

3-5 Front Squats (70-80% effort on all sets)
6-8 Barbell Hip Thrust (80-90% effort on all sets)

Rest 2-3min. Between Sets.

*Try not to transition more than 20-30sec. between movements

Front Squat (3 x 5)
Barbell Hip Thrust (3 x 8)
3min. AMRAP:
10 American KB Swings (53/35lbs.)
10 Cal Assault Bike

Rest 1min. Repeat For 5 Total Rounds.

Round 1: As written above
Round 2: 10 Air Squats  + 10 Cal Bike
Round 3: As written above
Round 4: 10 Air Squats  + 10 Cal Bike
Round 5: As written above

Nice little couplet here, with some big attitude.

For scoring purposes, start where you left off going into the next round.

*Make sure you are alternating between air squats and KB Swings each round 🙂

*Men RX+ is a 70lb. KB
*Women RX+ is a 53lb. KB