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For anyone wanting to not just get in a good high intensity workout, but build some muscle mass, there are lots of factors to consider; not just coming in and doing the programming.  The programming will make you strong, and you will improve, but to build and maintain muscle mass, you have to do more than the movements.  Below are just a few tips (there are many more)

1. SLEEP: part of the muscle recovery/repair and building process happen during rest and sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, you can delay the process.

2. EAT: you have to have sufficient protein and carbohydrates to build muscle.  If you cut your calories to lose weight, you could be cutting important calories needed to build muscle. Instead, change the foods to be the right ones 🙂 cut out starch and refined sugars. Also, to build muscle you need a good amount of protein right before and right after a workout (30-60 mins).

3. TRAIN: at least 3 times per week. The body needs to not only build muscle, but build muscle memory. A minimum of 3x per week should stimulate the body’s ability to build muscle.

Happy Building!

Monday July 1st

20 min AMRAP

400m run

30 wall balls (20/14lbs)

10 Deadlifts (275/185lbs)