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We are always trying to figure out new ways to make CFoF a better place for our members. Over the weekend some of us spent most of Saturday making a few changes around the gym. Here are some of the biggest ones. Security cameras!! We now have security cameras covering the workout floors, lobby area where you put your bags, the front desk and the front doors. Now we can see every time any of you call time a few reps too early, lol. We also added another set of RX jump ropes on the CrossFit side. These ropes are a little faster than the ones on the Boot Camp side. We also replaced all of the cables on the old ropes to make them like new again. Those ropes were less then a year old and got trashed pretty quickly. I have had mine for 7 years and have the same cable on it that came with it. NO JUMPING ROPE OUTSIDE, PERIOD. If we catch any of you using the jump ropes outside you will not be able to use our ropes again. We try and pay a little extra for top of the line equipment for all of you so please respect the equipment. Big thanks to Rodney, Jaspal, Roberto, Paulina, Monique, Nani and a few others who came in and helped to set everything up. It is much appreciated!


Friday’s WOD:

Friday December 14th

Back Squat


Thursday’s WOD:


Thursday December 13th

Amrap x 5min

Power Snatch 95/65

Rest 3min

Amrap x 5 min

Power Snatch 115/75

Rest 3 min

Amrap x 5 min

Power Snatch 135/95